In Live English Now we emphasize on conversation via Google Meet. Supplementary material intended to optimize a student’s involvement in a lesson will be available to the student upon registering a course. Grammar, vocabulary and communicative skills will be practiced through conversation making use of a multitude of strategies and activities. The student has the lead role, as the lessons are designed for him or her to participate actively.

You can choose the length of your classes among the following options:
25 minutes, 50 minutes or you can request a special schedule.

Our options are every Tuesday, Thursday, every Monday, Wednesday, Friday or Monday to Friday. The Personalized program we offer have the options to choose your own schedule.

Yes, it is very easy to cancel a class. You just need to inform us or your teacher at least 12 hours in advance.

Yes, we have several levels in all of programs for students, from beginners to advanced.

Yes, we have teachers specialized in exam preparation for speaking part.

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No, we provide the necessary learning material for all of our courses on Live English Now during the classes.

Some teachers do teach on weekends. Please send us a message on Personalized Program page so we can make the arrangements if your request fits to our teachers' available schedule.

Although this rarely happens, if you do not feel comfortable with your teacher, we will replace your teacher with another one without any charges. 

Google Hangouts Meet, or just Meet, is Google's enterprise video conferencing software. This app is similar to the video calls in the free, consumer version of Hangouts, with a few additional features like real-time captions and support for up to 250 participants.

For users on Chrome, Firefox, Safari and new Edge we don't require or ask for any plugins or software to be installed, Meet works entirely in the browser. This limits the attack surface for Meet and the need to push out frequent security patches on end-user machines. On mobile, we ask that you install the Meet app from Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

All our teachers use internet connection faster than 1Mbps and most teachers are conducting classes with video camera. But it is also possible that due to weather or technical problems the connection may become unstable, in those cases, teachers conduct classes without video. If the classes can not be done then we offer make up classes. 

Issue reporting functionality is for solving troubles like student-absentee, tutor-absentee, technical-issues, and etc. You can report an issue up to 24 hours after the lesson. Your tutor will try to attend your problem first. However if the tutor cannot resolve it in 24 hours, we will take over the problem for a faster resolution. 

We accept payment through credit card, debit card or PayPal. We use PayPal for processing credit and debit cards. All the credit card information will be secured by PayPal.

All our plans are renewed monthly, and you can cancel subscription anytime you want, you can use your account until the last payment term end.

You can change your plan anytime by contacting us if it is before the end of the month or change your plan for the incoming month. We will send you a new billing for the new plan. 

Yes. We refund all the amount paid within 30 days if you didn't start your classes. Please contact the support.

You can take classes with any device. If you want to use the materials and have better experience, we recommend you to use a computer and headset.

You can try our service, but you might feel it is very difficult because all the classes are in English. If your proficiency level is higher than "High Beginner". You can use our Beginner level materials for getting started. You can check your proficiency level in your first trial class.

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