Course Overview

Our Kid’s Course aims to help children aged 5-12 to improve their English regardless of their current levels. Through games and other fun activities, your children will increase confidence in using English in school, with their friends or in real life situations. If you want to develop your child’s English skills, our courses will help you. Our teachers do their best to make the lessons fun, interesting, interactive and challenging. We have courses for all levels from beginner through to advanced.

Check if this course is for your kid?

  • Will move to another country with you.
  • Will use English in the school.
  • Need help in the homework.
  • Prepare for the future.

After this program, your kid will:

  • Improve vocabulary.
  • Improve the accent.
  • Understand and speak English better
  • Be able to live in an international environment.
  • Be better prepared for a global environment. 
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