Course Overview

Ever wondered why sometimes it is challenging to express yourself to others in English? While a considerably large number of people know the basics of English language, not all of us can confidently and fluently use it in day to day conversations whether structured or free flowing. The reason behind this is the lack of opportunity for practice.

If that is the problem, worry no more. Here in LiveEnglishNow, we offer our students a chance to speak freely with our trained and experienced teachers. Conversation has never been this easy, enjoyable and effortless as our course allows you to talk with our tutors about anything under the sun. Whether you want to talk about a topic of your choice or prefer a structured lesson that we have, the liberty is all yours to decide.

Check if this course is for you?

  • Willing to be more confident in speaking day to day English
  • Going to meet international friends
  • Dealing with English speakers on a regular basis.
  • Preparing to visit other countries
  • Prepare for the future.

After this program, you will:

  • Be more confident in using English in real-life conversations and real-life situations
  • Increase your vocabulary
  • Be familiar and be at ease with slang and informal English
  • Learn strategies and acquire techniques to improve your English skills
  • Express and expound ideas, opinions and feelings clearly and comfortably
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