Course Overview

Our Business English Course, taught by professional English speakers. Our course covers a variety of business topics which include: Negotiations, Business Trips, Presentations, Job Interviews, and Meetings, Budgeting, the Stock Market, Personal Banking, Investments, and Savings, Pricing, Advertising, Branding, and Sales, Strategic Diagnosis, Recruitment, Career Development, Managing Performance, Internet and Change Management. This program will enhance your career & business opportunities by improving key skills in business communication  

Business English is for learners who need:

  • Specific English requirements for work or study
  • To earn business degrees or do business using English
  • To improve small talk or specific business language
  • To move up the career ladder with new opportunities
  • Write Emails, attend conferences, or present in English

After this program, your will:

  • Speak publicly more effectively, formally and informally
  • Communicate more naturally in business environment
  • Use lots of business expressions and advanced vocabulary
  • Use English to work and network to the top!
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